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Use Case Of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor In Steel Plant.
Jan 31, 2018

Use case of permanent magnet synchronous motor in steel plant.

Tianjin XX iron and steel group co., LTD. Is a large-scale joint enterprise which is mainly engaged in steel industry, logistics trade, resource development and so on. It is one of the key monitoring enterprises for energy conservation and emission reduction determined by the state, and one of the 30 key assessment units for energy conservation and emission reduction in tianjin. In order to achieve the energy saving effect, the company leader decided to replace the common synchronous motor of the oxygen plant with permanent magnet synchronous motor to achieve energy-saving effect.

Tianjin steel USES three-phase permanent magnet synchronous motor for the use of oxygen compressor, mainly for the following reasons:

1. Compared with dc motor, there is no such defect as commutator and brush of dc motor;

Compared 2, and asynchronous motor, it is because do not need to reactive excitation current, high efficiency, high power factor, big moment of inertia ratio, the stator current and stator resistance loss is reduced, and the rotor parameters can be measured, control performance is good;

3, compared with common synchronous motor, it leaves out the excitation device, simplify the structure, improve the efficiency can be achieved for traditional electric excitation motor's high performance (such as high efficiency, high speed, high response speed);

4. Compared with the switch reluctance motor (SR), it has no problem of low torque ripple and has already achieved low speed and stable operation, so it is suitable for fast and high-precision control situations.

So manufacturers use permanent magnet synchronous motor to replace the ordinary synchronous motor, but not at the same time because of the permanent magnet synchronous motor excitation cabinet, itself the rotor is a permanent magnets, so it is in direct grid starting moment of starting torque is very large, and need to achieve the step of time also is longer than normal synchronous motor, lead to cannot start permanent magnet synchronous motor direct grid.


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